15 September 2015

In 2015, Jose David Osorio Castro from network member Tiempo de Juego in Colombia was selected to receive a grant from Sony Mobile, as part of the "Future Goals Stipends”. His project  is called "Dejando Rastro" and seeks to alleviate social problems through music and art, using the principles and methodology of football3.

David is among the millions of people that were displaced by violence in Colombia during the last decades. He arrived to Altos de Cazucá, in Bogota´s outskirts, at the age of 12 with this family, settling down in one of Colombia’s most dangerous and socially conflicted neighborhoods.

At first it seemed he was doomed to repeat the story of many kids from Cazucá, who, from an early age on, start being involved in gangs, drug dealing and end up in jail or even dead. However, in January of 2007, David and 40 other children started participating in the activities of Fundación Tiempo de Juego, and his life changed drastically for good. Tiempo de Juego works since 2006 in Altos de Cazucá and they have had outstanding achievements, contributing to the strengthening of social structures through sports, art and music.

For David it was striking and motivational at the same time, to see how kids like him, that many times had nothing to eat, couldn´t go to school and were exposed on a daily basis to many dangers in the streets, managed to forget their problems through Tiempo de Juegos' activities. They all found a safe space and a new family where they could grow as better persons.

It wasn´t long before David, as a living example that a brighter future for these kids is possible, started to take on responsibilities inside the Fundación, first as a monitor, then as a football coordinator and finally as a community operator. In 2013 he received a full scholarship to study Physical Education, Sports and Recreation at the University of Santo Tomás, from where he is trying to manage further scholarships and studying possibilities for the boys and girls from Cazucá.

David's natural leadership skills and what he is learning in school merged to create the project Dejando Rastro which is being implemented thanks to Sony´s Future Goals grant. Dejandro Rastro seeks to alleviate social problems through music and art. The Hip Hop School has promoted participation and coexistence in the community by involving 50 youth in weekly educational workshops focused on rap, break dance, graffiti and DJing.  Topics related to gender equality and women’s rights are also included in these workshops. Additionally the project adapts the football3 methodology, ensuring that art and music promote the same values as is usually done on the football pitch.

The project has been successful so far and has started bearing fruit. One of the first accomplishments is this song the participants have produced and created. This is a clear example of what can be achieved with  good leadership, enthusiasm, and a lot of effort of kids and young people that have the drive to move forward and follow their dreams.



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