Prepare players to know how to take decisions in a risk or dangerous situation


Participants should be able to reflect on risky and dangerous situations.

Created by

INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities/Fotbal Pro Rozvoj

Length of the session


Number of participants

8 - 15

Age of participants

12 - 18


Space: Regular football pitch (depending on the size of the group). Materials: 1 ball, cones to mark the pitch and the drug zone. Portable goal posts or cones in case goal posts are not available. Bibs to differentiate the teams.

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Trainer should be able to explain the game but no experience or special preparation is required.

Involvement of the participants in the preparation and delivery of the session

Participants should just play with the established rules and they will be asked in the reflection time about the possible meaning of those rules.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')


Regular warm up and streching



First half (5')


Players are divided into 2 teams in a normal pitch (usually small (1/3 of the pitch) but it depends on how many players there are) .
In the middle of the pitch, there is a square marked by cones (medium size)



Second half (15')


Players play a normal game with just one rule.
They can't go in the square or pass the ball through it.
Every time a player enters the zone or passes the ball through the zone (voluntarily or involuntarily) the player receives a penalty. The first time, he/she has to play with his/her hands on the head, the second time he/she has to play on 1 leg and the 3rd time the players has to stand still/freeze on the spot till the end of the game.


Cool-down (5')


Water break



Third half (15')


The reflection of the game is to show that in life we are constantly near to danger, in this case called drug zone and that whenever we get or fall into it, we are not just damaging us, but also our family or friends (in this case represented by the team mates).
The player will be weaker because of the rules imposed, but also his team will be affected
Potential reflexion questions:
- How did you feel when you had a penalty?
- Did you or the whole team feel weaker?
- What influence did it have on the rest of the team?
- What can this zone represent?
- Do you also face situation in your life where you feel in danger?
- What are the dangerous situations in your life?
- Where do you feel safe on your life?
- Who are the people you safe with?
- Can you be influenced into bad behavior sometimes?




Trainer should always leave space for the discussion afterwards and don't give any clue of the purpose of the game (at least in the beginning) to see what the participants come up with.
Can be also used to address any other dangerous or risky situation (alcohol).




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