21 November 2017

Some thoughts from our founder, Jürgen Griesbeck:


Common Goal. What a ride it’s been so far. 


I've been working in ‘football for good’ for more than 20 years. But never before have I seen such a massive outpouring of passion and support for this dimension of the game. People from all walks of life—and from all over the world—are now reaching out because they want to become part of it. Together, we’re dreaming of and working towards a shared vision of what football could become.


Common Goal seems to be aspirational and at the same time simple enough that people are ready to team up and understand that it takes us all to make it happen.


When we launched the movement with Juan Mata just over 100 days ago, we weren’t sure how our idea would be received. The experience we’d had in the weeks and months prior hadn't been promising at all. It was very hard to find an open door and most of the people we spoke to told us, in the best case, that Common Goal was a nice concept that would never ever work in football. It was only thanks to the unwavering belief of Juan and a small group of supporters that we decided to take a risk and run with the idea despite the discouraging conversations we’d had until then. It just felt right.


Honestly speaking, what’s happened since August 4 has been overwhelming on all levels. More than 20 players and managers have made the pledge—as have agents, journalists, fans and institutions. The media have taken huge interest in the story so far, with Common Goal making headlines in more than 1000 publications and in dozens of languages. And the general public have helped take our game to the next level by sharing their ideas and expertise in support of the cause.


Increasingly, Common Goal actually feels like a meaningful movement that has the potential to change the game and the world for good. It also feels like people are placing their hope in Common Goal to provide a general model for how we can go beyond individual interests and work together for a common good. But that's a story for another day.


The implementation of Common Goal funded activities will start early next year. We are now in the process of onboarding our players, managers and other supporters and aligning their money with meaning (assigning pledged donations to high-impact organisations in the field). Obviously, we will be reporting on the outcomes of these donations as soon as we can. Watch out for truly inspiring stories.


Last but not least, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what’s in store over the coming days. We have a huge announcement in the works for November 29—a landmark moment in the Common Goal journey so far. And we can’t wait to share that news with you all. In the meantime, we’ll be unveiling a new Common Goal player, or players, every day for a week. Get ready for a host of new names from new countries, as the movement continues to grow all over the world. 



Please, stay in touch and never hesitate to share your ideas or suggestions with us. This is a movement for all of us and I really hope that five or ten years from now we can look back on this journey together, with deep satisfaction for the results of our collective endeavour!

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