15 July 2015

Martin Schultz, president of the European Parliament, has thrown his support behind streetfootballworld by granting patronage to streetfootballworld Festival 16. Patronage is a way for Parliament to officially associate itself with an initiative and is bestowed upon a select few events each year.


“The European Parliament fully recognises the great socially integrating power of sport in many areas,” wrote Schultz in a letter confirming his support. “Our institution has also underlined on several occasions the role of collective sport games in the development and education of young people. As your event fully chimes with our concerns, it is with great pleasure that I grant your initiative the European Parliament’s patronage.”


streetfootballworld Festival 2016 will bring together 500 girls and boys from disadvantaged communities from all over the globe, chosen not for their skills on the pitch but rather their commitment to changing the world through football. At the core of the event is an exciting football3 tournament - a unique way of playing the game that incorporates key life lessons into every match. Educational workshops and cultural workshops will also feature prominently, enabling the young participants to develop new skillsets and apply them in their communities.


The festival is an official event of the UEFA European Championship and will take place in the heart of Lyon from 28 June to 7 July.

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