4 March 2016

In October 2015 Frank Heinrich, member of the German parliament, visited streetfootballworld network member Asociación Civil Los Pioneros in El Callao, a port city located west of Peru’s capital Lima. Los Pioneros create positive experiences and advocate for peaceful coexistence to improve the quality of life for young people in underserved Peruvian communities.


Amongst other things, Heinrich attended a football3 match in the heart of the community, experiencing the urban challenges of spatiality first-hand. He also witnessed the power of this footballing methodology to empower its participants and instill positive values within them.


Heinrich spoke particularly fondly of the potential for football to help bridge cultural divides: “I have had the chance to be in regular exchange with streetfootballworld here in Europe and visit part of programs in Lima, Peru. They do outstanding work in spreading the values of respect, equal opportunities and tolerance to many thousands of our society’s hardest-to-reach. I believe that we need more such initiatives here in Europe, to learn to overcome cultural barriers, foster social inclusion and develop skills to change communities sustainably.”

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