24 March 2016

The KickApp Cup uses the power of sport to connect disadvantaged young people with SAP developers. Together, these groups develop tech-powered solutions to advance the field of football for good.


After a successful event in Sao Leopoldo last December, the event has made its second stop in Bangalore, India. This edition saw 30 SAP developers and 30 disadvantaged young people form six mixed teams for three days of interaction and innovation.


The first of the three days featured a ‘design thinking’ session, whereby the SAP developers and their young counterparts worked together to generate preliminary ideas and viewpoints. This was followed by an extended game of football3 in which the developers were taught how Indian organisations are using the game for social good.


“The football3 match we played with the young participants was an amazing experience and it very much strengthened our team spirit. Besides that it helped us to understand how football for social change works. This has proven to be very important because the Young Leaders have contributed immensely during the Design Thinking sessions in order to an app that perfectly meets the requirements of the end-user.” – Ankit, developer at SAP Labs India


Day two kicked off with app development and several iterations of app feedback within each team. The young players were also shown around SAP’s facilities and introduced to some of the company’s latest innovations, from drones to 3D glasses. Building on this experience, the players then attended a workshop on the basics of coding and app development in SCRATCH session.


“It was great fun to attend the SCRATCH class, because it was so interactive. I learnt the basics of programming and now I would love to learn more! The KickApp Cup definitely strengthened my interest in technology even further.” – Vishwa, Dream a Dream (streetfootballworld Network Member)


The groups completed their app design projects on thefinal day before presenting their ideas to a four-member jury. All six teams had 10 minutes to present their work and demonstrate their passion for technological solutions in the field of football for good. The jury ultimately awarded first prize to “Goals for Change”: an app aimed at amplifying the impact of local coaches in their communities.


While there could be only one winner, all participants joined in the celebrations and spoke of the experience in glowing terms.


“When my team didn’t make it to the first place, I was disappointed. Then I saw the young leaders of our team – they were so happy for their counterparts in the winning team. Within a few minutes I forgot my disappointment and shared the spirit of the KickApp Cup.” – Shailesh, Developer at SAP Labs India.


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