18 January 2017

Earlier this month, streetfootballworld paid a visit to Special Olympics Namibia (SON) in Windhoek, Namibia, so as to check on the progress of the Football for Hope Centre and its programs, as well as to conduct some workshops on organisational development and better inform SON about the Call for Proposals process.


SON is a non-profit organisation that promotes access to sporting and life-skill development opportunities for young people who are intellectually or physically disabled. “Special Olympics and Football for Hope serve as a safe haven for people with intellectual disabilities,” Simon Muinjo, SON’s national director, told us, “It gives them an opportunity to participate in various programs (e.g. football, athletics, basketball, floorball and recreational games) at the centre. Through the unified sport approach, we ensure inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities in the mainstream of the society.” SON thus provides local youth with a safe and welcoming environment where they are included in athletics programmes, health programmes, and leadership-development programmes. Activities run by SON include weekly football and basketball trainings, monthly sporting events that integrate people with intellectual disabilities and a ‘Young Athletes Programme,’ which involved a set of activities to engage community partners. Additionally, SON offers an annual training for coaches and families that aims at educating them about the importance of regular fitness and life-skills development.


Throughout the meeting, streetfootballworld conducted a SWOT analysis with SON to better understand the organisation’s strengths and weaknesses. This was followed by strategic planning on how to move forward with programmes as well as an introduction to football3 and the Network Membership process. Afterwards, we visited a local special needs school where SON runs different athletic, health, and leadership programmes.


“The workshop was indeed an educative, informative and an inspirational one,” said Simon Muinjo, SON’s national director, “the visit by Mr. Paul Kelly, director of streetfootballworld, to the Katutura Football for Hope Centre has made a significant impact and adds meaningful value to the development of our existing programs and activities.”


Sports director Matias Malaika agreed. “The workshop was very educational. With the newly acquired knowledge from streetfootballworld, we can enhance SON programs and service to the community much more smoothly,” he said.


streetfootballworld’s visit to SON spoke to how both organisations look forward to working with each other in order to promote football for good for years to come. 

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