8 February 2016

Introducing The Third Half 


What if your next vacation helped 1,000 African children get tested for HIV? Or helped build a new football field in a Brazilian favela? Or helped provide education to girls in Costa Rica?


Football is not only the world’s favourite sport – it’s also one of the most powerful vehicles for driving social change. And it is with great pleasure that streetfootballworld invites you to get on the pitch and help unlock the positive power of the game.


Welcome to the third half.


the third half is driven by the belief that football is more than ‘a game of two halves’. It’s about more than two teams. It means more than winning and losing.


Powered by streetfootballworld and eSoccer, the third half allows you to set off on international, football-themed adventures to incredible locations and leave a legacy of lasting impact. This is your chance to go beyond traditional travel and use the game for cultural and educational transformation. This is your chance to travel, play football and change the world.





Football is often called ‘the world’s common language’. It is played and watched by more people in more countries than any other sport – from the mountains of Africa to the backstreets of Barcelona to the crowded urban favelas of Brazil. It has a unique power to cross cultural boundaries and turn strangers into friends.


Each third half experience uses the medium of the game to take you on an educational journey. We want you to see what life is like through the eyes of your hosts.  You will visit exciting tourist attractions with trusted local guides, experience exotic cuisine and customs and make new friends both on and off the field. And you will gain unique insights into the challenges the world faces and how we can solve them together as global citizens.





The third half methodology is comprised of three components:


  • Football: Activities that allow you to bond and socialise with your teammates and the local hosts – including football experiences, group meals, parties and more.
  • Education: Activities that allow you to learn first-hand about the work carried out by your host organisation and how your trip is helping to change the lives of others.
  • Culture: Activities that allow you to experience what life is like for people in your host community and to sample the unique flavour of your destination.





So, how would you like to change the world through football? Why not head to the African mountain kingdom of Lesotho, where you can help teach orphans and vulnerable children about HIV/AIDS through the power of football? Or to South America, where you can build community football facilities for boys and girls in the favelas of Brazil. Or perhaps you’d prefer a trip to Latin America, where you can use football to empoweryoung women in Costa Rica.


Wherever you end up, the third half offers an unrivalled opportunity for you to not only explore the world but make a positive impact to it.   


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