22 May 2017

From the 5th – 7th April Buenos Aires, Argentina, was the scene of the 12th edition of the World Economic Forum under the theme “Fostering Development and Entrepreneurship in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” streetfootballworld was among the 1000 key figures in the fields of politics, corporations, foundations and development from 61 countries, including 600 business and 65 government leaders.


Natalia León, Regional Manager for Latin America, represented streetfootballworld and had the opportunity to meet other social entrepreneurs, joining them on stage at the opening ceremony where Hilde Schwab (Chairperson and Co-Founder, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship) handed the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award” to Carlos Pereira, Chief Executive Officer, Livox, Brazil, and to Yves Moury, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fundación Capital-FundaK, Colombia.


The World Economic Forum’s mission is to improve the state of the world - a world that is currently being rocked by political instability and humanitarian crises. As a consequence, Susana Malcorra, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship in Argentina, noted that: “Uncertainty breeds fear, and there is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment (...), but there are still opportunities.” A sentiment echoed in an appeal made by Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum: “Business leaders have to be responsive and responsible and fulfil their obligation to interact with those who may feel left behind in this fast-changing world.”


Some of the main challenges for Latin America, ad portas of the forth industrial revolution are: 1) corruption, 2) education and skills development, and 3) increasing inequality. A number of the key learnings from the summit summarize trends required in the region to better develop and achieve its potential, such as: 1) fighting corruption, 2) regional integration, 3) gender empowerment and awareness, 4) the prevention of climate change, and 5) innovation to adapt. streetfootballworld is committed to working together with its 23 network member organisations in 10 countries in the region in order to overcome these challenges and the effects they have on the communities and livelihoods across the Latin American territory.


During the course of the event, streetfootballworld joined more than 20 change makers from across the globe to participate in the social entrepreneurs group. Some of the key elements of the event’s agenda, of particular interest to streetfootballworld, were discussions concerning the elimination of poverty, how to shape Latin America as a global tourist destination, establishing economic gender parity, the millennial view, shaping transformation and livable cities.  

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