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Establishing a partnership with the South African Government spanning decades

Africaid - WhizzKids United

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Africaid was established in 2002 by UK HIV Nurse Specialists Marcus McGilvray and Nicola Willis in response to the burgeoning HIV & AIDS epidemic in Africa. Its award-winning anti-retroviral patient readiness training has been written into treatment policy by National Governments and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) globally, directly supporting an estimated 4 million people to successfully manage HIV. In 2005, Africaid’s WhizzKids United (WKU) programme began to address the main casualties of HIV across Africa: young people.


The programme revolutionised the way in which youth focused on sexual and reproductive health, including: HIV prevention, treatment, and how care is approached and managed. Instead of the staid classroom setting, WKU ‘broke out’ onto the football pitch to teach life skills through its multi-award winning life skills curriculum‚ ‘On the Ball’. Each football skill is directly related to a life skill which helps ensure young people not only have the knowledge, but also the skills needed to use that knowledge and remain healthy and goal-driven.

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Africaid - WhizzKids United
Marcus McGilvray

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"If I was someone who had money and power, I would make the Health Academy go forward. It has helped so many young people and has done so much good in my community."

Sindi Dlamini
Programme Participant
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