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2,000+ young people engaged in youth inclusion programs in 2015

Albion in the Community

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Albion in the Community (AITC) uses the power of football as a tool to inspire children, young people and adults to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. Football provides a basis for physical fitness and healthy living, but it also captures the interest of people of all ages and backgrounds. As a specialist in the field, Albion in the Community knows that the game of football is particularly effective in addressing some of the most pressing social issues locally.

From football employability initiatives, providing free weekly football sessions delivered alongside lifestyle and job skills workshops, to working with schools, to support pupils’ numeracy, AITC’s work shows how football can engage people and transcend barriers. AITC helps to address a lack of confidence, low levels of education or health concerns.

Football coaching activities and drills not only improve aspects of a player’s game but develop key life skills with a view to the participant finding employment. Associated workshops also provide help and guidance in forming career goals and ways in which the individual can improve their self-development.


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Albion in the Community
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“Football hasn’t just given me direction, it has taught me that life is limitless and you can do anything you put your mind to in life. If I can play football there is nothing that you can’t do.”

Matt Francis
Captain, Brighton and Hove Albion Powerchair Football Team
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