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APEA - Acción Por una Educación Activa

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Acción Por una Educación Activa (APEA) was founded in 2009 with the aim of using movement and especially football to stimulate educational experiences for young people in both rural and urban Bolivia. APEA was born through the work of French organisation “Sport Sans Frontières" - which had developed education programmes in the country between 2003 and 2008.


APEA’s “Football Schools, Life Schools: a goal against the abuse” programme aims to promote the development of resilience of vulnerable Bolivian children and young people living in conditions of marginalisation and poverty. As well as facilitating the process of excelling academically, APEA aims to strengthen the resilience and capacity of the surrounding family network, in a playful and spontaneous manner. All sessions are based upon the Ju.G.A.R. methodology, forged through APEA’s experience in the field and built upon the following four pillars: Play, Globality, Attitude, and Reflection. Sessions contain both pre- and post-match discussions to encourage reflection about the challenges confronted, both in the daily lives of participants and those linked to challenges faced on the pitch.


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APEA - Acción Por una Educación Activa
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“The moment a child realises they are capable of achieving something new, is the best moment of all. Not only are you witnessing a moment they have never experienced but you feel a new seed has been planted, ready to enrich the world around them”.

Francesco Foglino
APEA Educator, Bolivia
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