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Asociación Civil Gurises Unidos

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In Montevideo and Las Piedras, thousands of young people have little or no access to adequate education, forcing them into labour-intensive jobs and creating one of the most challenging social issues in the region.


In 1989, Asociación Civil Gurises Unidos was founded to protect and promote the human rights of children and adolescents in Uruguay. The organisation has a large range of programmes running throughout Uruguay that focus on topics such as child labour, gender and civil society, nutrition and health, youth leadership and sports.


Since integrating football into its curriculum to raise levels of participation, Asociación Civil Gurises Unidos has reached and worked with over 6,000 children and young people, thereby gaining renown in the football for development field across Latin America.

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Asociación Civil Gurises Unidos
Lucía Avellanal

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“A través del fútbol callejero aprendí valores como la solidaridad, el compañerismo, el respeto y eso me ayudó a relacionarme con más chiquilines”

Estefanny Sessa
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