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20% increase in school attendance in host communities

Centre des Jeunes pour la Paix-Grands Lacs

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After ten years of armed conflict in the DRC, many children have been orphaned or displaced. Inter-ethnic violence and mistrust are ever-present. Additionally - there are insufficient resources preventing the treatment of trauma victims and the creation of peaceful and healthy communities.


The Centre des Jeunes pour la Paix (CJP) believesfootball has the power to bring communities closer together and promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts. CJP’s inter-ethnic, mixed-gender football games build trust among different groups.


During these games boys and girls have the chance to practise teamwork, learn to respect teammates and work together to solve problems. CJP also mobilises communities around government immunisation days in order to raise awareness of health risks and provides young people with job training and leadership opportunities.


Mauwa Libone, a young participant, says CJP helped her deal with feelings of anxiety and sadness, making her feel safer and enabling her to socialise with others and express herself.

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Centre des Jeunes pour la Paix-Grands Lacs
Jean Paul Elongo

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"It is difficult to live without parents, but my mediator/coach from Centre des Jeunes pour la Paix, Asende, is always there for me. He really is more than a brother.”

Assumani Masamba Joel
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