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Creating the league FFIS – Feminine Soccer for Social Integration.

Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario

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South of Lima the residents of Villa El Salvador face danger every day: assaults at school or on the street, exploitation of minors and drug trafficking, and domestic violence and sexual assault amongst other issues.


The Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario (CEDEC) uses football to engage young people and teach them positive values. The organisation provides a safe space where they can learn about respect, honesty, communication and cooperation as pillars of peaceful coexistence.


Sport offers them the opportunity to develop feelings of identity, belonging and security which empowers children as they prepare for and shape the future. Through street football, or “fútbol de la calle”, they can reclaim and pacify public spaces displaying an alternative approach to resolving issues that does not involve police intervention.


A pioneer in Peru, CEDEC was one of the first organisations to promote the use of football3 and at a national level. The organisation is in constant dialogue with local councils to promote creative ways of dealing with violence in communities.

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Centro de Educación y Desarrollo Comunitario
Sara Diestro Cabanillas

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“Donde otros ven pobreza, nosotros vemos oportunidades y desarrollo”

Sara Diestro
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