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Childreach Nepal is a local non-governmental organisation working in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2010, diverse and sustainable projects have been implemented through which best practices and knowledge have been shared towards increasing children's access to education, healthcare, protection and community development in rural and urban districts of Nepal. To date Childreach Nepal has been able to reach out to more than 305,622 children. 


Childreach Nepal's Sports initiative programme consists of comprehensive year round football for social impact education that focuses on local issues such as gender equity, child trafficking, child marriage, corporal punishment, social inclusion, children's right to play, education, healthcare, protection and life skills. A community-based approach through a mentorship model is used where teachers and youth from schools and communities are trained to deliver football through activity-based curriculums. Using football makes the approach engaging, ensuring effective participation and retention of children. Additionally, our engagement with parents and communities strengthens institutional systems, ensuring that change is sustainable. 

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Childreach Nepal
Prateek Syangden

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"The football pitch which were previously filled with boys has become a playground for the girls as well. We have also seen the school dropout rates decrease significantly, this has lead children to become less vulnerable to child trafficking and unsafe migration. The community understands the importance of gender roles and equity. The impact is hugely visible." 


Prateek Syangden
Programme Coordinator (Child protections and Sports for development)
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