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Improving the lives of children in post conflict countries

Cross Cultures Project Association

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Cross Cultures (Cross Cultures Project Association) is a Danish NGO that exists for the purpose of developing, participating in as well as implementing projects cutting across cultural lines, which have as their main objective the promotion of reconciliation and integration among people through dialogue and collaboration. In Cross Cultures we are firmly convinced that deliberate games, dialogue and collaboration are the best learning tools and the best tools to facilitate bridging and bonding between people living in communities affected by war and conflicts. Today Cross Cultures has specialized in using community sports and our Open Fun Football School program as mechanism to: 

  • Facilitate fellowship & sports cooperation between children and adults living in divided communities
  • Build communities – i.e. formation of community sport clubs and youth associations that are characterized by keywords as voluntarism, equality, parents involvement, bottom-up civil society and the basic principle of ‘Sport-for-All’
  • Stimulate gender equality – i.e. promote female participation on all levels in the world of football, e.g. players, coaches and leaders
  • Facilitate Cross-sector Juvenile Crime Prevention (SSP) – i.e. the formation of a cross sector crime prevention network (School+Sport+Police) in local communities in accordance with Danish patterns.

 Since 1998 the Open Fun Football School program has reached out to over 1 million participants in 22 countries around the world and over 75,000 coaches and leaders have volunteered our program. 

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Cross Cultures Project Association
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