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In India, more than 110 million children are enrolled in government schools where they do not have the opportunity to develop essential life skills like problem solving, collaboration and communication, and values and principles. This void means these children are not equipped to become productive, responsible and employable citizens. As public school teachers in Mumbai and Pune, founders Neha Sahu and Vikas Plakkot felt these children could be best taught through creative mediums such as sport. They introduced football as a tool to bring about change and develop life skills beyond academics. They quickly saw a spike in attendance rates, self-confidence and an ability to work in teams.


Enabling Leadership works with young people from low-income government and private schools, through creative and innovative programmes, to enable children to develop important life skills and become leaders within their communities. Launched in 2011 with the motto ‘Everyone Plays’, Just for Kicks uses innovative football-based learning methods to develop life skills by enabling children to collaborate, reflect on and connect first-hand experiences learning from the playground with their real lives. Today, Just For Kicks reaches children across India and Cambodia.

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Enabling Leadership - Just for Kicks
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“I have seen a lot of development in the students. They are more confident, take initiative and interact positively. All boys and girls have begun to think creatively and work closely with each other. As a female coach, this is encouraging for me to see.” 

Khatunabi Doddamani
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