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In many regions of Latin America children have no access to adequate education in a safe and supportive community. The connection between young people and their community in many places has been all but lost. Without support from the community around them young people are at a disadvantage in many walks of life.


Fútbol Más is an organisation which seeks to promote happiness, resilience and a sense of community in children and adolescents living in areas of social vulnerability. It serves as a protective entity and mitigates the negative impact of ongoing exposure to factors ranging from delinquency and normalised violence to dysfunctional family systems.


The organisation’s goal is to develop resilience in girls, boys, and adolescents while providing them with the tools to help build and create a more positive and healthy community. This goal is based on five key values: joy, responsibility, teamwork, respect, and creativity - values which create the foundation for a healthy community. 

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Fútbol Más
Víctor Gutiérrez

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“With Fútbol Más, negative values which slowly dissolve our communities have been left behind, mainly because the links promoted are a key element in the development of our society”.

Diego Vásquez
Young Neighborhood Leader
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