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The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child has expressed concerns on the system of care for vulnerable children and adolescents in the Czech Republic.


Founded in 2006, INEX / Fotbal Pro Rozvoj is driven by its desire to develop the life skills of children through football and connect groups of people from different social and cultural backgrounds.


Fotbal Pro Rozvoj cooperates with youth organisations and non-formal educational institutions to create a football for good platform for at-risk children and young people in the Czech Republic - to kick the ball for better world.


Fotbal Pro Rozvoj works with more than 20 organisations from all over the Czech Republic to organise fair play tournaments across the country based on the concept of football3. football3 brings into play the development of social values such as teamwork, the ability to lead a discussion, mutual understanding and responsibility when working work in a team.


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Fotbal Pro Rozvoj
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"It's all about Fair Play."

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