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Fundación Estudio para un Hermano Educere

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Strengthening the social fabric of peri-urban cities in Chile is a critical task: isolated and vulnerable, the inhabitants of these communities have difficulties tackling issues such as violence, a chronic lack of communal spaces and social exclusion.


Fundación Educere enables these communities to take control and achieve the changes they want to see. One of the organisation’s pillars is the “Corporación de Deportes Tres Tiempos” which organises weekly sessions and inter-neighbourhood and inter-regional festivals and tournaments of street football or “fútbol callejero”.


It is through such programmes, the football3 method is used to foster dialogue among young players from different backgrounds and find solutions to the most pressing issues in the community, particularly those surrounding gender-based violence.


Educere has managed to implement its programmes in six regions of Chile with support from five other partner organisations.

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Fundación Estudio para un Hermano Educere
Jose Luis Medina Soto

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