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Engaging 4,000 young people in´Goals for a Better Life´

Fundación Colombianitos

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Many children in Colombia are victims of forced relocations, landmine explosions and sexual exploitation. Families displaced by violence end up in overcrowded and impoverished urban slums, where children have restricted access to school and are left with a high risk of falling into a life of drugs and crime.

Goals for a Better Life, an educational programme at Colombianitos, promotes education through the use of football, music classes, computer labs, professional training and other activities. It is a community-based programme that currently brings hope to at-risk children. Football is used to teach children self control, decision making, values and ethics, and to give them ambition and direction.

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Fundación Colombianitos
Vivian Puerta

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“La fundación es una nueva oportunidad de vida para nosotros hemos cambiado mucho de lo que éramos antes, ahora ya sabemos que tenemos unos valores y tenemos que enfocarnos en nuestro futuro. ”

Yeni Jaramillo
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