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GAME is a Danish based NGO founded in 2002. With nearly 20 years of experience, GAME is working towards social change through youth-led street sports and culture all around the globe. The organization currently engages youth in 50+ less advantaged communities called GAME Zones in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, offering spaces for youth to meet in a safe and inclusive environment, facilitated by GAME volunteers or "Playmakers". Together with like-minded partners, GAME is empowering children and youth from vulnerable areas and refugee settings.


With GAME's Playmakers Programme, the organisation educates youth-leaders as coaches and role models in street sports and civil society and gives young people the opportunity to use entrepreneurship to make positive changes for themselves and for peers and children. GAME’s education empowers participants with life skills, fun activities and a strong network, and provides them with the skills to put ideas into motion; The organisation's events offer young people the chance to meet across the social and economic barriers that often keep people separated.


GAME also establishes innovative facilities to make street sports and street culture accessible to everyone – even when the weather does not allow it. All GAME Houses help create and strengthen communities around street sports and culture.


GAME's street sport programmes entail street football, street basketball, street dance, skateboarding and parkour.

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Emily V. Ronek

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"In GAME, when different ages, genders and backgrounds all get together, it’s like having a glimpse of our future community. It’s something wonderful and really awesome to have the chance to be part of this shaping of our youth.”

Tala Hasbini
GAME Playmaker
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