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In Badalona, Catalonia, the socio-economic level is low, the unemployment rate is high and the educational opportunities are limited. Conflicts between different cultural groups are increasing and, in recent years, have been fuelled by rising xenophobic sentiment. This has coincided with the growing number of people with migrant backgrounds in recent years who often face discrimination in the community. 


La Rotllana uses football and cultural activities as a platform to educate young people of all backgrounds in Badalona who are in situations of social risk and poverty. Football has been a key element in the organisation’s work from the very beginning and is utilised as a tool to promote personal growth, the inclusion of young people in society and the strengthening of the community. While the programmes are strongly linked to the local community, the organisation’s focus on diversity and multiculturalism has allowed it to also build strong European and international ties including youth exchanges and volunteer programmes.


Founded in 1990 the organisation has been in existence for more than 30 years and reaches around 7,000 young people per year – mostly children and youth.


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La Rotllana
Salvador Periago Fernández

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"The environments generated by La Rotllana football projects are a means of communication, growth and learning. A necessary space within the multiculturalism existing in our neighbourhoods in Badalona."


Youssef Meroune Himad
coordinator of the Coordinator of the "Lliga de barri" project and of the La Rotllana social sports football school
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