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The League of Tolerance (LOFT) is an organisation focused on the social education of people through sport, democratic participation, and entrepreneurship. It is an association of human rights defenders, trainers, artists, coaches and youth workers united in aim to protect the rights of children and young people in Ukraine; especially underserved young people, such as those with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and young parents. LOFT aims to create sustainable and attractive conditions for young people’s involvement, participation and development in sport.


The organisation was formed in 2014 when the violent conflict in Eastern Ukraine started, and became officially registered in 2016. Since then, the organisation has developed significant experience in the sport for development sector, implementing the international "Play for Human Rights!" campaign, Holistic Football Schools on national level, as well as the "Come on! Let`s play" initiative in Ivano-Frankivsk, the organisation's home town. The organisation's work is guided by five core values: education without borders, recognition of social work, equal involvement of women in sports, solidary decisions and actions, and entrepreneurship as a lifestyle.

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League of Tolerance
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"If everyone could volunteer and devote as little as one free hour per week to teaching others, the world become more open, sincere and kind"

Oleksandr Fomichov
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