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Empowering young people to act as agents of change

Organización Juvenil RECREARTE

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In Upala de Alajuela, Costa Rica, as in many Central American countries, urban areas remain spaces of social exclusion and marginalisation, leaving communities vulnerable to violence and poverty. Young people face obstacles receiving a quality education, and an overall lack of social infrastructure and awareness of human rights, health & safety and financial sustainability.


Organización Juvenil RECREARTE focuses on training children and young people to become leaders in their communities, encouraging them to create the social change they want to see.


Through sports-related activities, especially football, young leaders train and discover values attached to issues such as justice, equality, human rights, self-organisation, gender equality, and peaceful conflict resolution.


The work RECREARTE does, not only positively affects participants, but also their parents and the whole community.

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Organización Juvenil RECREARTE
Fernando Chamorro Gómez

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"Cuando el fútbol logra trascender los limites de la cancha, ya no es solo un deporte, si no tambien una herramienta para la transformación social de personas y comunidades"

De Fernando Chamorro Gómez
Director Recrearte
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