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Started in Cologne, now reaching disadvantaged youth at eight different locations in Germany.


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Founded in 2006 in Cologne, RheinFlanke has eight site locations in Germany. The organisation’s main purpose is to provide equal opportunities to children, teenagers and adolescents, including many children of immigrants, with little access to education and society.


As a means of building trust and enhancing engagement, RheinFlanke encourages young people to participate in a variety of sports (particularly football-based) initiatives. Alongside sports activities and life skill trainings, RheinFlanke offers one-to-one mentoring and job coaching to young people, allowing them to develop work skills and connect them with local entrepreneurs and employers. RheinFlanke is a strong partner of schools and local football clubs to provide workshops on health and against radicalisation, violence and bullying.


Many years of experience coupled with a team of more than 70 staff members, RheinFlanke, supports vulnerable young people using the social potential of football to provide positive employability outcomes.

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Christoph Bex

Latest From RheinFlanke

„All children have potentials. That´s what we strongly believe in. However quite a lot of children and young people don`t have the possibility to use their potentials. We support the young people to find out their abilities and to develop their capabilities. We strenghten their skills and encourage them to discover different ways to use them.“

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