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Many disadvantaged young people have a crisis of confidence, which is often caused by their perceived ‘lack’ of something that many of their peers have. The vision of the SCORT Foundation is a world in which all children living in difficult circumstances are able to play sport and are inspired to subsequently develop positive social skills and aspirations.


The SCORT Foundation operates in 15 different countries globally. Young Coaches are encouraged to apply their newly developed social and sporting skills by actively engaging with their communities and organising regular football activities for disadvantaged children.


The goal is to have these young women and men act as multipliers, using football as a sustainable tool to promote health, inclusion, convey core values and foster children’s development.

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SCORT Foundation
Julia Lambrecht

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„The cooperation with the professional football clubs is an essential part of our projects. They are engaged because of their true, philanthropical believe. This is what they pass on to Young Coaches worldwide. The engagement of the Young Coaches in their communities is not to be considered as a given. Hence, it is our motivation to support these committed young people on their journey as social change makers.”

Marc-André Buchwalder
CEO Scort Foundation
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