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Successful promotion of life skills and safe sexual behaviour

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One of the most pressing social challenges in Botswana is an increasing prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Large populations of young people have been either directly or indirectly affected. This feeds into another social issue faced by young people in Botswana: high unemployment.


The South East District Youth Empowerment Association (SEDYEA) was created to tackle the growing problem of HIV/AIDS in Botswana by delivering sports, arts, skills development, and community outreach that develop leadership and transferable employment skills in young people.


SEDYEA also runs a peer leadership and life skills project which organises sports and education activities in schools and communities, as well as the Kgatelopele Safe Spaces Programme for young women.


SEDYEA runs the largest youth football league in the south-east district of Botswana that brings together 3,200 players. Through daily coaching clinics, weekly study groups, school outreach, and girls’ forums, SEDYEA has become a regional education centre for good health and well-being..

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South East District Youth Empowerment Association
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