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Spirit of Football (SoF) – founded in 2005 is a non-profit organisation harnessing the power of football to drive positive social change.  Every four years SoF undertakes global education journeys with a very special ball ("The Ball") to the FIFA World Cup. The Ball is like football's Olympic Torch. SoF transfers The Ball's journeys into interactive global learning education, using football, as well as theatre, art and music.


SoF runs university seminars and works with children and youths in schools and communities and runs workshops so that trainers, educators and social workers can pass methods on in their own clubs and communities. SoF works with refugees in Germany (#CommunityBuilding) and in refugee camps in Jordan (#ResilienceBuilding) and host communities in Lebanon and Turkey (#SocialCohesion).


Here you can see a quick video of The Ball 2014 - it lays out our call to action: "One Ball, One World": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRy_bTAPduo


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Spirit of Football
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"Everything about SoF has been positive and has given us hope and new ideas. Especially concerning men and women working together. SoF has made me remember my former self – the person I  was before the war came which broke my heart and crushed my soul."

Sport and Art teacher, Azraq Refugee Camp
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