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training4changeS exists to utilize sport as a catalyst for holistic community transformation and to intentionally equip young leaders with essential life skills and values.  We are passionate about mentoring the fatherless, promoting social inclusion, supporting education, developing young leaders, and fueling socioeconomic development from the bottom up. We are committed to increasing opportunities for female participation in sport, changing attitudes towards education and gender roles, developing skills for female leadership and problem solving, and increasing in knowledge of gender policies.

Our core activities are –

  • The School Futsal Initiative: Bridging racial and socioeconomic gaps with a blend of futsal coaching, academic support, and life skill discovery.
  • The Skills4Life Employability Initiative: Utilising sport to tackle unemployment by providing coaching education and mentoring, alongside job skill training, while creating jobs for at-risk youth.

In addition we deliver high-level futsal coaching certification that focuses on using sport for social impact, provide customised training opportunities, and facilitate energizing teambuilding experiences.

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Daniel Thomae

Latest From training4changeS

“For me to be where I am now, I would say it’s because of training4changeS. They always put my growth first. If I didn’t get the knowledge & support I got from them, I wouldn’t have my current job.”

Mxolisi Makomazi
Former training4changeS Coach & Skills4Life participant
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