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Youth Environment Service (YES)

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Large rural and urban areas of Uganda struggle with hygiene, general health, and quality education. Many of these areas have no waste management systems in place and poor knowledge on proper sanitation and hygiene techniques. Teen pregnancy in the area has reached 29%.


Youth Environment Service’s (YES) main objective is to improve accessibility to essential services for urban communities in waste management and sanitation. The organisation supports the inclusion of people discriminated against based on gender, income, or ethnicity.


YES uses football as a tool to promote physical activity but also as a way to educate young people in the region on the important topics of waste management, hygiene, sanitation, and drug abuse.


Furthermore, the organisation promotes youth leadership with its community-elected male and female youth representatives who sit on a board to give a voice to young people in the area.

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Youth Environment Service (YES)
Mr. Ongatai Amosiah

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