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UNICEF ambassadors for campaigns to end violence against children


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Founded in 2009, Yuwa uses the power of football and education to empower girls to overcome violence, discover their self-worth, and take their futures into their own hands. The Yuwa School gives girls the tools they need to build the futures they envision for themselves. Today, 100 Yuwa players have joined the Yuwa School, with plans to build a permanent campus.

Yuwa’s local football teams are self-organised by the girls and enable them to support each other in resisting society’s pressure to marry early. These teams provide a safe space where girls build their confidence, courage, and a sense of self-worth together.

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Rose Thomson

Latest From Yuwa

“People don’t ask their daughter’s permission for marriage. They think girls should not play or wear shorts. They think if a girl climbs a tree, the tree will die. They think only boys can do everything. But they think wrong. I have found a dream in Yuwa.”

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