To learn how to communicate and collaborate and understand what  are the other's skills or limitations.


Players will work on their communication, cooperation, tolerance and inclusion skills.

Created by

INEX - Association for Voluntary Activities/Fotbal Pro Rozvoj

Length of the session


Number of participants

6 - 20

Age of participants

7 - 16


Space:1/3 of the pitch. Depends also on how large the group is. Ball Goal nets Rope

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Trainer should be able to explain the game clearly and also to make the right questions and appoint the tolerance topic in the discussion.

Involvement of the participants in the preparation and delivery of the session

Participants will be split into two teams and they will be playing football game with this specific rule.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')


Regular warm up and stretching



First half (10')


The trainer explains the activity to the players. He divides the group into 2 teams and asks each players to form couples within their teams.
Both teams will play against each other, but with their players pairing up with another team mate.
Those pairs will be playing with their arms tied (or by holding hands) so that they have to play together.
For instance, if the team is formed by 10 players, there will be 5 couples.



Second half (10')


Each player starts to play a regular football match, except that they always have to  be tied to another player.



Cool-down (5')


Water break



Third half (10')


The trainer debriefs the activity.
The idea of the drill is to reflect on how difficult it was to play with someone else tied with you and to ask the right questions.
Example of questions:
- what was difficult for them?
- did they understand what the other player wanted to do?
- did they respect each other's decisions?
- is it easier then to play alone?
- what did you like during this match?
- did you agree on a specific tactic within your pair?





There's a different version of the game in which the couples are mixed (one member of each team with the arms tied)








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