Communication skills extend beyond the simple act of talking and also include elements such as listening and asking questions. These are essential components of effective football3 mediation and facilitation in general.


Pick a picture is designed to foster an open exchange between two participants while also working on many important communication skills, including listening, asking questions and clear communication.

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Number of participants


Age of participants

14 and older


A classroom or other safe space to conduct the session. Printed pictures, or sufficient picture books/cell phones/tables for all participants.

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Basic facilitation and communication skills

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')


If desired, you can lead a short ice-breaker activity of your choice.



First half (10')


Introduce the notion of communication skills and ask participants what elements they think are a part of 'communication skills'.
Explain that communication is more than just talking for yourself, but also includes listening and empathy, and the ability to ask good, appropriate questions.



Second half (20')


1. Have each participant pick a photo that is meaningful to them. You can either print out a selection of appropriate photos or, if feasible, allow the participants to find a photo online using their smartphones.
2. Pair the participants into teams of two.
3. One participant asks questions to the other person and tries to understand why their counterpart chose the selected photo and why it is important to them.
o The questioning participant should ask appropriate, open-ended questions – but without ever simply directly asking ‘why did you choose this photo?’ or ‘why is this important’. Rather, they must build upon their previous questions to reach the answers.
o The answering participant should only answer the questions asked to him/her and should let the questioner ask further questions.   
4. Repeat the exercise while reversing the roles.



Cool-down (0')


None needed



Third half (15')


Wrap-up and reflect on the activity. You can ask participants questions such as:
- How did it feel to explain your photo selection?
- How did it feel to try to understand the other person's selection?
- What did you notice about yourself in each role?



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