The ability to ask appropriate questions and to generate useful discussions is essential, especially in the context of football3 mediation or in the facilitation of other group activities.


This session aims to help participants learn to ask varied, pertinent questions to initiate strong discussions (especially during the mediation of football3 matches) and achieve better understanding of the people around them.

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Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

Basic facilitation skills

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (10')


If desired, you can start the session with a short energizer or ice-breaker activity of your choice.



First half (15')


Introduce the concept of open and closed questions to the participants, and ask them what they think are the advantages and drawbacks of each type of question. Also ask them what questions are most useful to initiate discussions, both as a football3 mediator and a variety of other contexts.
While yes/no questions may be useful in starting a conversation or introducing a topic, good open questions are essential to achieving deeper discussions.



Second half (15')


Ask participants to think of a question that will make another person smile. Ask participants to move around the room and ask people this question.
After three minutes, ask participants to change the question to a question that will make the people they ask feel proud. Repeat the process two or three times; each time, participants should think of a question to trigger a particular emotion or reaction: make the other person think or feel motivated to take action.
Ask the group if there were any powerful questions expressed and write down the answers on a flipchart, whiteboard or chalkboard for all to see.
Ask participants what they understand by the term ‘powerful question’. For example, a question that makes me think deeply or differently or which triggers an emotional response. Give the participants one or two minutes to think individually about a powerful question that they’ve been asked and they’re willing to share.



Cool-down (0')


None needed



Third half (15')


Wrap-up and reflect on the activity and the power of questions collectively as a group. Potential reflection questions include:
• Can a question change the way we think about something?
• What makes you want to ask questions?
• What makes you want to answer questions?
• How can ‘powerful’ questions be integrated into the mediation process?





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