Young people living in socially disadvantaged areas of both urban and rural Ecuador lack access to sports where they can discover and develop their strengths and talents and achieve a sense of equality, affiliation and friendship through football. In the country, the potential of football   to promote physical and emotional health, tolerance and fairness is still barely being tapped into. The  is a  lack of feasible, low threshold, free, well-equipped, none-competitive sport facilities to enthuse children and young people about sports and to provide them with safe spaces for the development of their skills.


To address these challenges, streetfootballworld teamed up with Ecuador-based organisation La Fundación de las Américas (FUDELA) in 2019 to implement a project aimed at building the capacity of female and male football coaches from across the country. The project that was carried out with the support of the International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office (Germany),  engaged more than 100 young men and women from four different regions in Ecuador who increased their skills in the delivery of weekly training sessions with children and young people. The expertise they attained through these training-of-trainers sessions has enabled them, after returning to their local communities, to give children and young people increased access to football and to become their role models and mentors. In this way, they can have a positive influence on football in Ecuador in the medium and long term, at the same time promoting inclusion in sport, and developing their own initiatives. As multipliers, these young people are now making a valuable contribution to the sustainable establishment of sports structures in Ecuador.

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