More than 80,000 people work with vulnerable young people in the sport-for-good sector. Currently only about 50% of practitioners have basic or intermediate knowledge on safeguarding or an understanding of children's rights and the rights of child athletes. 85% would be interested in receiving proper safeguarding training to better support the children they work with. With both such a clear need and desire for safeguarding training, streetfootballworld and The UEFA Foundation for Children teamed up in February 2021 to create a project aimed at minimising potential (un-/intended) harm inflicted on vulnerable groups (children and at-risk adults).

With funding through The UEFA Foundation for Children, the project will launch a football for good ​safeguarding ​knowledge and training certification programme. During the course of the project, this will then be expanded to invite ​sports-for-good practitioners​, and ​parents and caregivers​ to ensure ​children's fundamental rights across the world are safeguarded​.

By June 2021, a consortium of five football for good organisations will have been identified to review UEFA’s previous safeguarding efforts. The consortium will also create a certification module and expand its expertise on the topic. In the next step, 75 coaches & staff members from the five consortium member organisations will complete the online certification programme, gaining qualification and building expertise. This course will then be expanded to 150 parents to ensure local receptivity to the content and ultimately be available as an online course in safeguarding for all organisations and practitioners in the sport-for-good sector. This will also serve as an opportunity for the consortium to evaluate the course. The first course is expected to go online in early 2022.




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