streetfootballworld is contracted to support the FIFA Foundation in their existing Community Programme.


The aim of the FIFA Foundation Community Programme is to support projects which drive social development through football in underprivileged communities around the world, and which thereby contribute to the below mentioned Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, the Foundation provides financial support to cover a wide range of costs, including programmatic and institutional costs, as well as costs related to projects, initiatives, events and workshops.


Once a year, the Foundation invites well-established not-for-profit nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), who have successfully completed the eligibility process, to apply for funding to use football to address social issues impacting underprivileged communities.


All NGOs are non-discriminatory, politically and religiously independent and already run established programmes using football to address social issues and target underprivileged communities.


The evaluation criteria include formal aspects regarding completeness, as well as an assessment of the operational and financial capacity, the strength and feasibility of the proposed activities and the expected impact.


To ensure the legitimacy of all projects and the appropriate use of funds, successful applicants have to submit regular reporting about their programmes, provide fully audited financial statements and also guarantee that other donors will provide funding equal to or greater than the funding provided by FIFA.



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