Access to funding is an important issue for any organisation seeking to change the world through football. Over the past decade, streetfootballworld has advised FIFA on the annual allocation of 1.5 million dollars to organisations of this kind, securing lasting support for their local initiatives. The funding agreement is part of Football for Hope, a flagship programme of FIFA that aims to unlock football’s positive potential worldwide.


Since the programme’s inception in 2007, streetfootballworld has facilitated the donation of around 20 million dollars through Football for Hope. Organisations can receive up to $30,000 per year, which is often used to support football-based development programmes and construct safer places to play. The allocation of funding to these organisations has allowed them to expand their reach and ultimately empower a larger number of young people each year.

"Football for Hope has changed my life. I used to be so naughty, I would wander around playing football in the streets. One day a coach found me and put me in his team, I have been playing for four years. Now I know that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams."

Neo Malema
Programme Participant
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