The project ‘Fostering social cohesion and employability in Germany’ (German title ‘Gemeinsam Jobfit!’) aims at engaging socially disadvantaged young people between 12 and 19 years who otherwise have limited opportunities to develop their social and employability skills. Of the total participants up to 20% have a refugee or migrant background. 


In May 2018, streetfootballworld teamed up with Coca Cola Foundation and with expert organisations from the field of football for good and social inclusion in Germany. The programmes offered by the implementing organisations during the course of the project period until the end of 2020, will provide participants with access to activities that promote inclusion as well as meaningful training to increase their employability. 


The project implementation will take place in five main phases. To determine the precise needs and areas of expertise of each partner when it comes to engaging young people, a joint needs assessment was conducted at the commencement of the project. Based on the findings, a tailored capacity development plan in social cohesion and employability programming for all partner organisations was then developed. The following core phase of the project focuses on the improvement and implementation of ongoing organisational programmes. As the project progresses, best practices with a strong focus on involving disadvantaged young people and refugees on the topic of employability will emerge from the implementing partners. 


To ensure a strong national coverage of the programme, streetfootballworld is working with seven partner organisations across Germany. Partners involved in the project are:  


Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart 

RheinFlanke, Cologne  

Bielefeld United e.V. 

SV Vitesse Mayence 1986 e.V., Mainz 

SV Darmstadt 1998 e.V.

Spirit of Football e.V., Erfurt 

Deutsche Soccer Liga e.V., Erfurt  


Towards the end of the project, at least 20,000 young people will be involved in regular social cohesion and employability activities of partner organisations. As a main result, unemployment among participants will reduce, enabling these young people to find their place within society and make a valuable contribution towards it. 



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