The United Nations presently classifies The Gambia and Guinea as two of the least developed countries (LDCs) in the world. In their attempt to enter the labour market, the largest generation of young people both countries has ever seen, is facing many constraints and challenges including inadequate skills and lack of employment opportunities. Carrying most of the unemployment burden, young people from the West African region often follow the irregular migration movement to Europe. 


Launched in July 2019, with initial activities in The Gambia and Guinea, the project ‘Kick for Trade’ utilises football-based life skills development to promote social cohesion, employability and entrepreneurship of potential and returning migrants. 


During the project two country-based “Life Skill For Employability” and “Football for Entrepreneurial Skills Development” curriculums will be developed and integrated into educational and training activities at schools, TVET institutions, local entrepreneurship incubators and youth centres. Participating in a series of life skills development football sessions, beneficiaries from different backgrounds will be equipped with new skills required in national labour markets. In addition, the initiative will foster the capacities of local male and female football coaches to deliver the Kick for Trade curriculum and to guide young people towards higher education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities. 


Kick for Trade is being jointly implemented by the International Trade Centre, the UEFA Foundation for Children, streetfootballworld and Kick4Life. Their mutual aim is that by the end of 2020, programme participants will have improved their social and economic well-being through life skills development that support their progression into employment and an entrepreneurial future. Similarly, football coaches will have developed into their roles of life skills football coaches who have mastered a variety of football for social development approaches. 




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