The Lay’s RePlay project is a global initiative that was brought to life by Lay’s®, a PepsiCo brand, in partnership with the UEFA Foundation for Children and streetfootballworld. By reusing empty chip packs to help create sustainable football pitches, Lay’s RePlay aims to unite communities and drive positive outcomes for planet and people around the globe.  


Lay’s RePlay pitches have been created with the goal to develop football programming that can address social issues impacting each community, while minimising environmental impact. In order to do so, the project consists of multifaceted components and is built upon two main pillars: The provision of sustainable infrastructure to local communities and the social impact of the pitches and related programmes in the communities where the pitches are located.


Sustainable infrastructure is provided in the form of 5-a-side artificial turf pitches, which are made by recycling crisp packets. This reduces the impact of the construction on the environment, while all pitches are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. After constructing the sustainable Lay’s pitch through local stakeholder and community coordination, a 12-month social cohesion programme is launched and delivered on the pitch. Developed by local football for good organisations, these programmes focus on the specific conditions and needs of the communities, and consist of the main impact pillars: Inclusion, Access, Social Skills, Societal Values and Engagement.


Up to five football pitches are expected to open in 2021 around the world, including communities in Russia, Brazil, Turkey and the UK, with the first unveiled in Tembisa, South Africa in June. These pitches are implemented together with local partner organisations.


Check out the Lay's RePlay project video here.




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