Football-based development programmes create an impact that continues to grow over time. This is because their participants often become leaders for young people tacking similar social issues. In 2014, streetfootballworld and Sony embarked on an initiative aimed at empowering programme participants to reach their full leadership potential. What resulted was a stipend programme granting eight young leaders with €5000 in funding to help drive social change in their communities.


The recipients were spread out over five continents and addressed a range of different local challenges. For example, Rizki Kurniawan used football as a tool to educate street children on HIV/AIDS in Indonesia, while Nelly Medina used football as a means of promoting gender equality among young Peruvian participants. The successfulness of these and other endeavors has seen the Sony Stipend Programme extended to become a yearly undertaking, ensuring more young leaders help change the world through football.  

"From the start of the programme there have been huge changes within the participants. I see more commitment in them and some even tell me their lives have been changed and they are less involved with gangsterism."

Sergio Kyle Van Der Ross
Stipend Recipient
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