In Colombia, children and adolescents, especially those who live in rural parts of the country, lack access to sports that can foster their personal development and enable them to discover their skills. Easily accessible, low-threshold, free and non-competitive sports opportunities are few and far between. In Colombia, where armed conflict has held its grip on society for many decades, access to safe places where young people can participate in sports and interact through play, is much needed.


In order to ensure the quality and sustainability of community sports programmes, appropriate training must be offered to coaches working with children and young people. With this objective in mind, streetfootballworld teamed up with local football-based NGOs Fundación Selección Colombia, Tiempo de Juego, FC Talentos and Fútbol con Corazón for a three-month project supported through the International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office (Germany).


The project engaged 45 young women and men from communities across Colombia with the goal of increasing their proficiency in the delivery of high quality football programming. They have carried out 9 local football tournaments reaching 1,800 children and teenagers and are now offering regular football training sessions to children and young people in rural and underserved parts of the country.



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