In Uganda, there is a lack of opportunities for girls and young women to engage in sports activities. Driven by streetfootballworld network members and other local organisations, a new generation of women's football has emerged in Uganda in recent years. Cultural change has taken place, with an ever-increasing number of girls and women playing football. However, the structures of women's football in Uganda are still emerging and are not yet well developed. Consequently, not many girls gain access to football in Uganda. In addition, the number of female football coaches, who can serve as role models, is very low.


To address these challenges, streetfootballworld teamed up with local network member Soccer Without Borders to build the capacity of 40 young coaches from across the country as part of a project funded through the international sports promotion of the German Federal Foreign Office. Throughout the duration of the project, these young women received training and support enabling them to become change makers in their communities, promoting gender equality and female empowerment through football.


A five-day train-the-trainer course with the motto “Women Take The Lead”, facilitated by former German national player Petra Landers as well as the former Ugandan national player Majidah Nantanda, aimed at building the capacity of the coaches to offer training sessions, to attract female participation, and to incorporate gender equality concerns into their football training. The coaches were equipped with essential material that would allow them to offer regular training sessions for more than 500 children and young people – a majority female – in their local communities.


Five one-day local tournaments, organised by streetfootballworld’s partners and network members Soccer Without Border Uganda, Watoto Wasoka, Youth Sports Uganda, Grace Villa, and Youth Environment Service Busia, aimed at increasing the visibility of the offered coaching courses and attract local participation as well as raising the issue of gender equality and female empowerment in the Ugandan communities with the players’ families, friends, and other local stakeholders.




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