Children and young people from socially disadvantaged communities in Kenya lack access to low-threshold sports activities. Football, in particular, offers more than physical and healthy activity, and is also a powerful tool for the development of skills and for promoting equality, cohesion and friendship.


To address this need, streetfootballworld and Kenyan football for good organisation, Transforming Young Stars of Africa (TYSA), joined forces to build the capacity of coaches working with children and young people in some of the most vulnerable communities across Kenya. The three-month project was carried out with support from the International Sports Promotion of the Federal Foreign Office (Germany) and has offered training-of-trainers sessions to  40 young men and women, enabling them to offer high-quality sessions to children and young people in their communities. A special focus was also on transferring the knowledge, techniques and methods gained into the structures of local organisations in Kenya and on building relationships with regional and international actors in order to make long-term contributions to the structural development and expansion of sport activities run by civil society actors in the region. By engaging representatives of local ministries and the press at an early and final stage, the organisations involved also laid the foundations for achieving long-term sustainable cooperation.




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