This particular activity can be used as an ice-breaker game as well as a warm-up activity for the players. The aim is to learn to find  way how the involve everyone in the game and to strengthen the sense of belonging in every member of the team.


Participants will be able to measure self-development.



Created by

Oltalom Sport Association (OSA)

Length of the session


Number of participants

10 or more

Age of participants

10 - 18


Open field or football court or any other places the football training is being held, depending on the weather. Balls and two different kind of fruits.

Required knowledge, skills and preparation of the trainer

The trainer implements this activity should have social sensitivity, patience, communication skills, as well as experience with younger age groups.

Involvement of the participants in the preparation and delivery of the session

For the implementation of this activity no extra preparation is needed from the participants. Throughout the game players should show interest and engagement towards the participation in the activity.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (0')


None needed



First half (5')


The trainer explains the game for the participants. If needed, player can ask question to clarify and understand the activity.



Second half (15')


The players are devided into two groups by choosing a fruit from the bag. Ideally by choosing the fruits two equal groups will be formed. In case of a discrepancy, the trainers will adjust the players.
Every player in both teams receives a ball and they start to play keepy-uppy (hackey sack).The game continues until everyone drops their ball.
After everyone drops the balls, the members from each team, who dropped it first will represent their respective team. The two of them will hold a contest, by doing the hackey sack again, until on of them drops the ball.
The winner of the contest is not the one, who could keep the ball longer in the air, but the one who will reach the higher scores comparing to his/her former achievement (e.g. number of strikes to the ball or total time).



Cool-down (0')


None Needed



Third half (10')


The players give their feedback on the game and how they felt being scored according to their (comparative) achievement. How did the final two participants feel being put in the spotlight though they did not have the best first performance?
At the end, participants eat their fruits together.



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