Young people have a working understanding of what teamwork means and especially in footballing examples. This session is designed to broaden their understanding by using a different sport and activities to illustrate teamwork, and relate these to situations outside the sporting context.


  • What makes an effective and ineffective team.
  • Participants identify have been part of a effective/ineffective team inside and outside of sport.
  • Identifying roles within a team

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Sport4Life UK

Length of the session


Number of participants


Age of participants



- Basketballs - Basketball court - Bibs - Cones

Involvement of the participants in the preparation and delivery of the session

The trainer should be an excellent communicator with young people. They should be to command the attention of group of young people.

Session plan

Session plan

Warm-up (15')


• Bull dog game – Select at least two participants to be the taggers.
• The taggers cannot use their hands to tag. Instead they have to work together to trap their opponents and force them to make contact with them.
• Once tagged they join the tagging team. Continue until all players are tagged.                                                                                                   

Easier/Harder – Change the size of the area, taggers are connected by holding each end of a bib.





Organisation – Set up a start and end point approximately 20m apart. Split the group into teams of 4 (approx.).

• Outline the rules (below) and allow the participants 10 minutes to practice and develop a strategy.
Rules – Transfer the ball from the start point to the end point and back without it touching the floor. Participants cannot use their hands/arms and two people (no more or less) have to be in contact with the ball at all times. You must then pass the ball to the next team member (without the ball touching the floor) and repeat.
• Set the teams up for a relay race. Ask each team to count how many laps they achieve in 5 minutes.

Allow the students 5 minutes to discuss the strengths/weaknesses of their strategy. Race again. Did you beat your number of laps completed?

Easier/Harder - Use different sized balls, change the length of the course, add obstacles on the course.



Second half (20')


Organisation – Split the group into teams of 5 and set up a game of basketball. It may be necessary to rotate teams in a tournament format.

• Play the game for 5 minutes each
• Ask the players to reflect on their teamwork.
• Repeat

Easier/Harder – Adapt the rules to change the level of challenge.



Cool-down (5')


Allow participants time for a drink and to relax



Third half (10-15')


Bring the teams together and reflect on the overall session. Key questions include:  
Were you successful as a team?
Why were you successful/not successful?
Was it easier to work in pairs or larger groups? Why?
How did you experience teamwork in the different activities?


Evaluation process for the session


Key Questions:

Activity 1
What is important when working in a team?

Activity 2
Were you successful as a team?                                                                                         
Why were you successful/not successful?

Activity 3
Were you successful as a team?
Why were you successful/not successful?
Was it easier to work in pairs or larger groups? Why?

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