We unleash the power of football on a global scale. Here’s how:

Events are the perfect way to attract an audience and raise awareness for our cause. We host a variety of festivals and forums all over the world, from the concrete confines of New York City to the lively laneways of Rio. View Case Studies. 





streetfootballworld festivals celebrate the social dimension of the beautiful game, bringing together disadvantaged boys and girls for a combination of football matches, educational workshops and cultural programmes. For these young people, participation means more than just play. It means connecting with peers, learning life skills and sharing valuable insights. Festivals also present an excellent opportunity for partners to engage their employees and inspire their customers.





streetfootballworld forums provide a platform for key players in our sector to share knowledge and exchange ideas. Embracing the spirit of inclusion, these occasions are designed to include as many voices as possible, from community organisations to global corporations. We also stage youth forums that encourage the young participants of football-based development programmes to join the discussion and make their opinions heard. For our partners, streetfootballworld forums are a chance to engage in progressive conversations and gain insight into the latest trends in social innovation.  

Case Studies

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